You have a problem.

Embrace the probability of your imminent death.

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How to break up with someone: Give them a sock and tell them they are a free elf now.
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Happy Easter to all my followers

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"Well, then get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt, you crap margaritas."

Bobby Singer - Supernatural 5.20 ( The Devil You Know ) .
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you’ve experienced at least one of these signs/symptoms

My mother started taking me to acting classes because she thought it would help me focus my energies. I was this really anxious kid in grad school. I had my first panic attack when I was eight years old. I don’t know why, but as a kid I worried about things like our house burning down, and I’d wring my hands all the time. So my parents took me to a therapist. While I was figuring things out, something happened where I just thought, okay, all right, I want to act.

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What is this craziness with Tiffany Maxwell?

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Maps to the Stars, 2014 (x)